Dr. Rida Musbah is the first doctor to join the center. He graduated from the Medical Facility of the University of Tripoli in 1996. His qualifications include a MBBCh, CCFP, LMCC, USMLE, MPH and MBA. Before coming to Canada Dr. Musbah has experienced working in three other countries; Libya, France, and The United States. He began practicing in Canada in 2015.

Dr. Musbah wanted to become a doctor after his mother was diagnosed with a deadly illness and she asked for him to become a doctor. He enjoys helping people even if he can’t treat their illnesses; educating them about their conditions, and address their concerns regardless the natural outcomes of the conditions.

In his free time Dr. Musbah enjoys reading, drawing, driving, and hunting. He has been happily married to his supportive and loving wife since 2004. They have four daughters and two sons.