CareExcellence Medical Center has openings for licenced Canadian medical doctors.

We’re currently accepting applications for general practitioners and specialist including gynecologists, pediatricians, dermatologists, psychiatrists, internal medicine, cardiologists, pulmonologists, neurologists, general surgeons, ophthalmologists, podiatrists, rheumatologists and pain management specialists.

We offer a friendly work environment, flexible work schedule, training opportunities, integrated electronic medical record, and an unbreakable overhead rate!

We offer:

1-        The lowest overhead cost, 10-15%, depends on the physician’s monthly billing.

2-        Two months of overhead cost waiver for every 12 months of physician’s work.

3-        Brand new Apple Laptop for every new physician staff.

4-        Private physician’s office equipped with 27” monitor Apple desktop and individual Canon printer.

5-        Flexible work schedule and work hours.

6-        Bi-weekly payment plan.

7-        Free private parking slot in the clinic parking lot.

If we sound like your kind of place we’d love to hear from you!